'Split' surfaces

Collaboration with Mitchener Architecture and Design


Split is a series of wall tiles and hanging panels for architectural and acoustic surface specification. The products are part of a set of outcomes that were created to find ways to use waste from commercial CNC cutting of MDF laminates.

Months of experimentation resulted in the development of a simple process of splitting and sealing the MDF. The splitting exposes and celebrates the natural timber fibres that make up the sheets. Afterwards water based coloured stains are soaked in to the fibres to create an attractive, safe and durable finish. The process transforms beige MDF fibres (that we usually work so hard to conceal) in to bold, colourful, and unique wall tiles and panels that would otherwise be condemned to landfill.

This is part of a body of work created for Resource: Rise Again - a project by Christchurch based social enterprise Rekindle, supported by Creative New Zealand.

Waste MDF