'Ditto' furniture for small spaces


Ditto is a family of twin-purpose, essential furniture that makes living in smaller houses better. Each piece exhibits a quiet aesthetic, based on a familiar form, with a low-tech functional adaptation.

The Ditto dining table uses a second layer to provide a place to store and quickly hide inevitable table top clutter like mail and laptops, at meal times. The sandwich structure also gives the table its structural stability. Tapered legs reinforce the form as a domestic, rather than commercial, design.

The Ditto bureau reimagines a once common piece of furniture, with stripped down contemporary detailing and ergonomic considerations that hold up to modern life. The flip down desk is designed to fold away without having to close a laptop, has built in cable management and generous storage underneath. Separate office spaces are now a luxury in our inner-city homes. The compact footprint of the cabinet enables it to fit comfortably in to a living room or bedroom - lowering the desk creates a temporary professional environment when working from home.

The Ditto armchair offers a lounge ergonomic with stackable functionality. When there is no room for a second sofa and you have guests, these chairs are perfect. They have a small footprint, and don’t need to be stored away as they are designed to be just as comfortable when sitting on a stack of two or three.

Birch ply with transparent laminate; Solid maple.