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Materials & Processes

Good design will make use of a materials inherent properties and character. Can we use materials that improve with age? What materials are locally available or meaningful to the project? Is the intention timeless or temporary?

People & Behaviour

Good design comes from observing behaviour. How do people react to and interact with changes in their environment? How can the interaction be improved, enriched or adapted?



Context & Culture

Good design is sensitive to context. This means understanding and managing how the product or service will behave when it enters the physical and cultural ecosystem. How can we allow contemporary design to co-exist with and complement the environment it enters in to?



Technology & Sustainability

Technology and sustainability are very closely related. The lightness of digital technology helps us to ask whether producing a 'thing' is the right solution. Technology has also become a cataylst for establishing a new sense of craft and personalisation that is actually deliverable to our growing populations and contemporary lifestyles.